Active Chiros - Moving better, Feeling better


Taking a run with the boss!

The sunshine may be popping up now and again, so Kerrie and Shellie wanted to make the most of the beautiful city we live in.

Taking it steady on a run around Rivelin, we want to let you know that its not how far or fast you go, just getting out there can help you move and feel better; if it raises some concerns or know where we are if you need to get treatment or have a complementary initial consultation.

- Have the right footwear - the right shoes/trainers can be the making of a good walker/runner/gym goer

- Wear appropriate clothing - hi visability if you are out and about, the right material to keep you cool/warm weather dependant, cotton isnt always the best fabric

- Take some money if you are out walking or running - you never know what might happen so 'just in case'

- Walking is fantastic, dont underestimate the powers of a good walk or walk/run

- Breathing - in through your nose and out through your mouth

- Take it steady - not too much too soon, pace yourself