COVID 19 - Active Chiros plans


Active Chiros is back - for URGENT appointments

In line with the government guidelines and our governing bodies, Active Chiros will be making a phased return.

June 1st we are entering Phase 1 - Urgent care

Please ensure you meet our 'Urgent'** criteria before calling, if your care is not urgent please do not hesitate to contact us via our 'contact us page' where we will be able to contact you in due course.

** Urgent criteria
- If you are experiencing symptoms where you are unable to manage your pain with assisted methods such as: ice and heat therapy, home exercise techniques or over the counter pain management.

- Your symptoms are so that they cannot be adequately assessed through a phone consultation

- Your symptoms are so severe, which would lead you to seek face to face contact with for example, your GP, walk in centre or A&E

Whether you are an existing or new patient seeking help, if you feel you may need urgent care, please contact us.

We can support you through online means where we have a multitude of home exercise videos/techniques.

If you have a routine appointment booked in, we will be in touch in due course

If you do not meet our urgent criteria during Phase 1, please do not hesitate to contact us via our 'contact us page' or call our clinic and we will assist you as much as we can.

Broomhill 0114 2666076
Chapeltown 0114 2459424

Stay safe and we will update you as soon as Phase 2 arrives.

Love and best wishes Active Chiros Team